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Badgie Pronouns Sticker

Badgie Pronouns Sticker

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⭐️NEW PRONOUNS COMING SOON!⭐️ If your pronouns aren't here, please contact us and tell us your pronouns! We are aiming to have pronoun stickers for EVERYONE!

3D pronoun sticker for your name badge!

Badgie stickers are the perfect size for your name badge. They are super sticky, and have an epoxy resin 3D coating (feels like a bubble!) which means they are durable and won't scratch or fade, and can be easily wiped down and cleaned (useful in healthcare environments!).

Create a more inclusive environment for your staff, customers and patients with Badgie stickers.


Made from paper and an epoxy resin to create a 3D effect.


Height (all): 4.5mm

Width (he/him): 13mm

Width (she/her): 15mm

Width (they/them) 17mm

Width (he/they): 13.5mm

Width (she/they): 15.5mm

Width (xe/hẻm): 15mm

Approx 2mm thick.

Care Instructions

Ensure the surface of your badge is clean before sticking it on.

The sticker can be wiped with a cloth if it needs to be cleaned.

Shipping & Returns

Choose from regular or express post.

Within Australia, small orders are sent in reinforced cardboard envelopes (to significantly reduce shipping costs), while larger orders are shipped in specially designed cardboard boxes.

International orders are sent in small boxes, as stickers can't be sent in regular mail envelopes and require a customs declaration.

If you aren't happy with your stickers, you can return them for a full refund — please refer to our Refund Policy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tamsin Thomas
Perfect service and product

Initially I got sent the wrong pronouns but the issue was fixed so fast! The customer service is friendly and clear and I was very happy with how it was handled. These stickers are so convenient and perfect for work name tags as they're visible but still small and don't take up space. Thankyou!


I love the products !

Ann Nykiel
Thoughtfully made, great quality.

I didn’t want a separate pronoun badge, I wanted to somehow incorporate my pronouns on my existing badge with the limited space I had. I just love these small stickers that are fantastic quality and serves their purpose perfectly! Just love it!

Small enough to fit on your name badge.

High quality 3D dome stickers.

A better patient experience.

Something as simple as a pronouns sticker displayed in a healthcare setting creates an overwhelming sense of safety and inclusiveness for people in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Create a safe space for staff and customers.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss a custom order (of any size) for your business.