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Badgie Neurodiverse Friendly Sticker
Cassidy L. (Melbourne, Australia)
The best non-verbal show of support

These small little stickers pack a massive punch with the impact they have. An amazing quality sticker that lasts and is able to represent support of pride/country/neurodiversity? 110% sold. It’s just something so small and simple that makes a big impact on my patient care, people are aware of support without it needing to be said aloud. Truly a beautiful idea and an amazing addition to my name badges.

Badgie Pride Flag Sticker
Suzanne P. (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
Excellent Service

The Badgie team were awesome with my order requirements , happy to recommend

Badgie Pride Flag Sticker
Madz (Townsville, Australia)

Thoughtful postage and packaging. Loved the little freebie sticker inside. Appreciated the extra one.
Very cool and love the subtleness of a tiny badge. :)

Awesome way to be inclusive and also display your pronouns

Badgie Trans Flag Sticker
Jay R. (Canberra, Australia)

Absolutely love them. I have shared a couple out with colleagues who are trans as well. We are all standing together to make it a safer place for our trans patients to feel safe with us.

Badgie Pronouns Sticker
Jay R. (Canberra, Australia)

Absolutely love my pronouns stickers. I have it located on my laptop for UNI and my work name badge. Couldn't have asked for anything better. They stick well and I have had feedback from patients feeling safer approaching me.

Badgie Pride Flag Sticker
Rach S. (Melbourne, Australia)

A great idea to show acceptance and safety. I have had some staff come to ask if they may have one too. These little stickers are showing up everywhere in the office and it makes me so happy to see.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Rach. It warms our heart to know Badgie is brightening your workplace. You're awesome! Ollie he/him

Beautiful lanyards—I was so thrilled to give them to my team at work today. Excellent quality—sturdy clips, vibrant colours, and a nice wide loop! 🌈

Hey Christine! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review about our lanyards. So glad you are happy with your Badgie lanyard! Ollie he/him

Badgie I Am Autistic Sticker
Simon S. (Melbourne, Australia)
Love this

I am so glad Badgie introduced these Identity first stickers. I was lucky enough to get some of a test batch, and it's great to see them on sale to everyone!

Badgie Rainbow Pride Pronouns Lanyards
Loren R. (Melbourne, Australia)
Highly Recommend

Great quality and looks fantastic! I've already received many compliments.

Badgie Invisible Disability Club Sticker
Sarah C. (Sydney, Australia)

Love these and raising awareness in the workplace!

Love this pin. It’s very popular with a lot of people, definitely grabs attention, and let’s people know they’re safe.

Nice quality. Nice badge. Love it.

LGBTQIA+ Shoe Laces
Sarah H. (Canberra, Australia)
Super cute

Lovely laces to brighten up my elderly mother's boring sneakers and a way to share our love of our rainbow family

“Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land” is an important statement within First Nations communities!!!!



Absolutely LOVE BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE HEARING AID at my house! They use the the door bell now

Best little badge stickers!

Everyone at work loves them, makes for a much more inclusive space and to identify for colleagues!

Badgie Trans Flag Sticker
Letitia S. (Bloomington, United States)
Love and Support

I love these stickers. I wear them on my Hospital ID badge to let everyone know I am a safe Ally. I have gifted some to my coworkers as well! LOVE > FEAR

Badgie Ally Sticker
Helen (Brisbane, Australia)

Loving the additions to my name badge. Great quality and great service by the Badgie Crew.

Badgie Ally Sticker
Joanne C. (Adelaide, Australia)
A tiny sticker with huge quality and impact

I bought a 12 pack of Ally badge stickers so I could share with colleagues - which was fortunate because I've had a lot of comments and enquiries! A small sticker on our ID badges has had a huge impact on Allies making themselves visible, due to the colours, glossy material, and clear text. The same impact has already been felt by a few around us looking for Allies and I hope this increases with our visibility.

Badgie Sticker Starter Pack (Small)
Emma D. (Sydney, Australia)

I bought this pack for my team for Wear It Purple Day 2 weeks ago and they love it! Great quality stickers, it’s small so it doesn’t take up much room on your name badge but it’s a big impact on how we converse with our clients/ customers and creating that safe environment for everyone.
Items were delivered promptly, and website is easy to navigate

Team loves them

We love that the badgie stickers enable our team to show their support for an inclusive workplace in a way they choose. They have been a big boost to the way our team embraces inclusiveness.