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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags

Wow, what a great little sticker these are. A wonderful way for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to clearly and proudly identify their heritage. The quality is great and size is perfect for name badges. The staff and service was amazing and I highly recommend this product and team.


Thank you! I am so proud to wear this on my hospital name work badge and give others the safe space in a scary setting! Keep up the amazing work guys 🖤


These are conversational stickers. I wear my pride sticker, Aboriginal flag stick and my pronoun sticker for n my work name badge and since doing so, it’s opened up conversation for people who don’t know and who at to afraid to ask questions or don’t quite understand. I feel proud to wear them and love telling people where to get theirs.
Thanks for an amazing product line ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎 🖤💛❤️

Love my ally badgies! 🏳️‍🌈

We are provided with pride flag stickers to put on our name badges at work, but badgies are next level! Such great quality and they look awesome! Would recommend to anyone and everyone 🏳️‍🌈

Love our Badgies!

Excellent high quality product and great size to add to an ID card without covering pertinent info or preventing swipe access. Although we would have happily bought new ones if required - really pleased to report after recently updating workplace access cards and phone covers that the existing Badgies neatly peeled off intact and stuck like superglue to the new items!

ALLY Friendly!

I wanted to contribute to an inclusive and safer workplace for my patients and fellow colleagues. The Always Will Be Aboriginal Land sticker was a perfect size for my work badge and helps to embody my values of respect and reconciliation. Thank you to the Badgie team for these accessible and noticeable badges, I absolutely love them!

Badgie Aboriginal Flag Sticker
JESSE CLIFF---MILLER (jemil-6681)

This little sticker is great for work badges anywhere, it is clear, shiny and very cute. It really represents diversity in the workplace and shows acceptance.

love them!

Beautiful product, they really pop on our name badges. Customer service was excellent and super fast postage highly recommend.

Lovely little badges

These badges are great for your ID cards etc. I gave some out to my colleagues who are ally’s and they are displaying them.

Badgie Pride Flag Sticker
Jordon Hadfield

The quality and customer service couldn't be better. So happy with my stickers!


A high quality pin, that I wear on my work lanyard


I bought these because of their size and construction. I’ve had a pride sticker on my badge before but it was a lot bigger and didn’t really fit without covering up important info. Other stickers also fade and rub away as well as start to peel pretty quickly. I love the size and material of these and they are perfect. I bought a small pack and have already had to order a larger once because my coworkers also love them. They also haven’t gone unnoticed by not only patients but also fellow staff.

These are perfect for letting others around know that they are safe with you.

Badgie Pride Flag Sticker
Victoria Murphy

These little stickers are the perfect size!! Plus, I’m rough on my name badge and they haven’t moved at all. 10/10 would, will, and have bought again.

Badgie Ally Sticker
Marie Cuddeback

Fits on my badge perfect, good high quality.

Badgie Ally Sticker
Jody Forslin
Ally badgie

The ally badge is perfect! I shared them with our trans group at work (port of Seattle) and everyone was so excited! They will be ordering more soon. Thank you!!

Pride sticker

Love it! #Ally

Progress Pride Flag Pin
Michelle Crilly
Pride flag badge

Cute little pride badge to wear to work, came very quickly in the mail

Perfect service and product

Initially I got sent the wrong pronouns but the issue was fixed so fast! The customer service is friendly and clear and I was very happy with how it was handled. These stickers are so convenient and perfect for work name tags as they're visible but still small and don't take up space. Thankyou!

Badgie Bi Flag Sticker
Tamsin Thomas
So cute

Perfect size for my name tag (I can even fit multiple flags onto my tag)! High quality, flexible material and sticks well while still being readjustable. The colours translate so well and I'm v happy to have a tiny bi pride flag for work. Definitely reccomend!! :)

Love it!

Perfect size for my name tag (I can even fit multiple flags onto my tag)! High quality, flexible material and sticks well while still being readjustable. I also love how it's the progressive flag, as the other pride stickers I've seen have been the plain rainbow flag. Definitely reccomend!! :)

Great stickers

Got some for me and my best friend. They’re an excellent size to fit on badges and other things. We’re excited to have these everywhere!

fantastic! I love them!

They are small yet beautifully designed and made. Really good quality and have had a such a great response at the hospital where i work.

Great Stickers

Got for my work badge. Love it!

Pride sticker

I love my badge! I've always wanted one for my work badge. Came quite quickly, too, considering international shipping.

Badgie baddie

I work in an Emergency Department and I absolutely love my badgies! I’ve seen a few patients smile when they notice it and my coworkers are bringing to ask where I got them (I bought in it bulk so I have extra!!) We are all obsessed and proudly call our selves the badgie baddies!!