Badgie Stands for a Yes Vote in the Voice to Parliament Referendum.

The Voice to Parliament Referendum is set to take place on Saturday, 14th October 2023.

This marks a significant moment in Australia's history, presenting an opportunity to amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Beyond being a political decision, this referendum is a moral imperative, a call for reconciliation, and a step towards a fairer, more inclusive Australia.

Badgie's mission remains clear – creating safer and more inclusive workplaces. We support First Nations Peoples by donating to charities such as GIVIT's First Nations Support Appeal, and by actively engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices.

For us, voting yes is a logical choice which aligns with our mission.

Voting yes means:


Acknowledging 65,000 years of Indigenous culture for the first time in Australia's 122-year-old constitution.


Listening to advice from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people concerning matters that directly affect their lives, leading to more informed government decisions.

Better Outcomes

Improving and enhancing Indigenous health, education, employment, and housing.


Safeguarding the Voice from political agendas and bureaucratic interference by enshrining it in the constitution.

Community Consensus

Over 80% of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community support the Voice. It's the culmination of decades of consensus building by Indigenous leaders.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face serious and unique challenges. By addressing disparities in healthcare, education and incarceration rates, we're committed to closing the gap.

Let's make history together.


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